This post is also available in: हिन्दी (Hindi)

Copper Tape Distributorship Business idea

This post is also available in: हिन्दी (Hindi)

Due to the Corona pandemic, the world came to a screeching halt. Everyone understood the importance of starting something new in their career and launching something of their own. Corona isn’t air borne disease, it spreads due to contact between person to person. This business is launched for the first time in India through the Manufacturer’s guide. This business has no competition and high profit margin.Aditya from Mevansh Healthcare essentials brings us unique and high demanding products. This product is working splendidly in other parts of the world, but the awareness in India is low.

Mevansh healthcare essentials is ISO certified and makes innovative and eco friendly products. This company makes healthcare essentials, and took a step to launch this product in India due to the high transmission rate.

The product has branding of Mevansh Healthcare Essentials. The packet contains:

  1. A paper hanger
  2. 2 copper tapes
  3. User Manual

Copper tape is in a sticker form, so you can use it after removing the back part. This is supposed to be stuck in areas which people touch or handle the most. For example, a door knob. Copper tape lasts for 3 months. It’s durability also depends on how the weather is where you stay, and how many people use it.

This product is very useful. Most people use alcohol based hand sanitiser and the chemicals react with your hands in a lot of ways. After using the copper tape, the usage of the sanitiser is reduced. Usage of hand sanitiser requires labour. However the tape doesn’t need anyone else. Extra payment is thus saved.

The basis for using copper tape is that international studies have said that copper’s anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties are effective in fighting covid. If you have observed, handles and doorknobs are made of copper because of this. US research has also stated that copper properties were effectives in making SARS-COV-2 virus inactive. Eurovir Hygiene-Labor, after testing Copper tape stated that 99.98% of corona virus become inactive in a few minutes after coming in contact with the copper tape.

Coming to the business aspect of this product, this is an easy business model with no deposit whatsoever. It also doesn’t have any minimum order.

1000 packets will cost 460 rs / piece.
MRP is 700 rs. / piece
Overall transport and Goods and Service Tax-  40rs / piece
Profit will be 200 rs / piece

For 1000 packets, the profit will be 2,00,000 per 1000 pieces.
One can sell 1000 packets in a week with ease.
For example, one can put these on handles of shopping carts at malls, or the entry and exit doorways. One can also sell these to gyms, or any public place.

Higher the quantity, lower the rate at which you can but the product from, “Mevansh Healthcare Essentials”. They are also open for all kinds of customisation, like the size of tape or branding of the packets.

If you buy 50,000 pieces in 2 months, you can get the exclusive dealership of your state from Mevansh Healthcare.

For more details,
Active distributors required pan India.
For bulk order please contact :- 7874112121
For more information kindly visit our website
For Lab Reports of Product Visit Here :


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