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R O Water Jar Business Idea

This post is also available in: हिन्दी (Hindi)

Darshan Rajput from Manufacturer’s guide brings you only new business ideas, but also motivates you by meeting new people who have gone through the journey. We go through above and beyond to bring you true business stories that will inspire you to start your own. Such one person is, Avinash Sir.

Avinash Sir has studied IT engineering and had been toying with the idea to start a business with his friends since his college days. He also worked in Marketing for an year but it didn’t bring him that rush that an idea of business did. Since, his family background was also business. He and his friends had been wanting to start a food related business. They scraped money to invest in the startup, and got a bank loan to jump start their business.

The RO water plant is set up right at his house, with minimal equipment. The input is a raw water pump which gets its water from the tank set up above, with pressure in the cylinder. The cylinder removes the yellow-is colour of raw water. The next tank stabilizes the amount of minerals and irons in the water. Then the water passes through a membrane. The membrane does most of the heavy lifting. Membrane filters out the water and passes through the UV rod. It catches bacteria. Then the purified water goes into the chiller. If the cooling isn’t required, the water can be directly filed through a tap before entering the chiller. Normal water is packed into normal plastic containers. Chilled water is filled into a special cooling water can.

Investment starts at 4 lakhs minimum. After judging the market, one can increase the scope and keep investing more.

Profit margin varies due to the sales. It fluctuates between 30,000 to 70,000 rs.

A single jar has a 20-30% profit margin. Yearly earning is 4 lakhs.

For marketing, one must start with door-to-door marketing and distributing visiting cards. One must keep a constant communication channel with probable customers. It might take a few months. After building a loyal customer base, the marketing becomes easier.

Please Contact At:-

Address: Shree enterprises, Shop no .145,146,147,148,149,
Dhillon complex< Akash ganga Supela Bhilai, Durg, Chhatishgarh.


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