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Low Investment Business Ideas

Copper Tape Distributorship Business idea

Due to the Corona pandemic, the world came to a screeching halt. Everyone understood the importance of starting something new in their career and...

Cement Bricks Making Business

Manufacturer’s guide brings you fresh business ideas everytime. The question we get asked more than often is, are there people who actually execute these...

Bike and Car cover wholesale business

About the product: Manufacturers Guide team visited the factory named as Cli-Mate Raincoat situated in Kalady near Cochin. The owner says that he started the...

High Investment Business Ideas

R O Water Jar Business Idea

Darshan Rajput from Manufacturer’s guide brings you only new business ideas, but also motivates you by meeting new people who have gone through the...

Renting Farming Machinery Business Ideas

Over 70% of the Indian population gets its bread and butter from agriculture and farming. Raja Enterprises addresses just this demographic, by making tools...

Coconut Printing Business Idea

'Coconut', why not?! The Manufacturer's Guide team recently explored a unique, never-seen-before business idea for kick-starting a sustainable business with minimum initial investment. Can you...

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