Coconut Printing Business Idea

Coconut Printing Business Idea

This post is also available in: हिन्दी (Hindi)

Coconut Printing Business Idea

This post is also available in: हिन्दी (Hindi)

‘Coconut’, why not?!

The Manufacturer’s Guide team recently explored a unique, never-seen-before business idea for kick-starting a sustainable business with minimum initial investment. Can you guess what it is? Yes, Tender coconut printing! The owner of ‘Mr. Coconut’, the brand that we surveyed, explained how you can use customizable printed coconuts as alternatives to bouquets during events or ceremonial functions providing a more economically and environmentally viable option with a better shelf life than a bouquet. These printed coconuts also make excellent and quirky gift items that you can present to someone on any special occasion. This naturally occurring drupe is widely praised for its health benefits and is loved by one and all. The coconut is yet again at your disposal, this time as a raw material for a unique and unparalleled business idea.

Mr. XYZ explains how this tender printing coconut business is one of its kind catering to a variety of consumers. He says that this idea came to his mind one day while drinking tender coconut water, when he realised its tremendous business worth as a raw material because of its ready availability. People love custom-made gifts over regular ones, ranging from t-shirts, mugs and now, tender coconuts. This photo-printed shell is a wonderful present that can adorn people’s homes for life. You can ditch the cocktails, and try this saline panacea with an awesome customizable print on its shell the next time you have guests over at your place or in any event, giving them a healthy substitute over the regular sugary drinks, whilst making them feel special. This idea also works great with kids, as it will get them to try this healthy natural drink instead of the drinks available in the markets that are full of preservatives. All parents have to do, is to switch their regular containers with these specially carved coconut shells.

India is one of the leading exporters of coconuts all over the world, with their market increasing by 25% every year. Tender coconut water, with its abundant availability is sold to the consumer in plastic bottles, infused with preservatives to increase its shelf life. With plastic having a harmful impact on the environment already, people are opting for naturally degradable options these days. Hence, our attractive and customizable tender coconut printing business has a huge market in today’s world.

Investment required:

Any businessman, big or small scale can easily set up these low cost equipment from their homes as well. All the appliances work on single phase power supply. The tender coconut is first cut by removing the hard, outer covering using a coconut slicing machine. The residue, being biodegradable can be easily disposed of. Then this cut, cleaned and smoothened coconut is taken in for printing the required design which takes only 1-2 minutes using a laser based printing machine. You can print photos, designs, labels and even messages on the shell. The ready product is then wrapped with a saran wrap to protect it from environmental decay, making it suitable for sale. On a wholesale rate, the ‘Mr.Coconut’ printed coconuts are sold in the market at a rate of INR 150 to 200, while the cost of individual coconuts in the market is just INR 25 to 30. The profit margin is almost 6 times the initial investment making it an attractive option to invest in.

Potential Markets:

The tender coconut printing business is a booming sector given the multi-faceted use of these coconuts in various markets. They can be used by caterers of events, parties and wedding functions to serve refreshment drinks with the name of the particular event (example, the names of bride & groom in case of a wedding) printed on the shells. It can also be used as a substitute to bouquets during functions or even as gifts to guests and friends alike. These printed coconuts are also great as show case items for your home.

How to invest in this idea?

Mr. Coconut allows a FOCO (Franchise owned Company operated) investment in the brand in big as well as small cities depending upon the demand. The initial investment in small cities is around 7-8 Lakhs and in big cities, with a bigger unit is around 10-15 Lakhs. The franchise owners can take in their own bulk orders, along with support from ‘Mr.Coconut’ in dispensing orders for the printed coconuts.

Profit margin:

Tender coconut is a healthy option that many people are now turning to, given its health and environment friendly benefits. The profit over each piece is almost 40% on market sale even after including transportation costs. The Manufacturer’s guide team approves this budget friendly tender coconut printing business as a low investment business idea.
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If you want to start the Tender Coconut printing business, contact ‘Mr.Coconut’ company,


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