Cement Bricks Making Business

Cement Bricks Making Business

This post is also available in: हिन्दी (Hindi)

Cement Bricks Making Business

This post is also available in: हिन्दी (Hindi)

Manufacturer’s guide brings you fresh business ideas everytime. The question we get asked more than often is, are there people who actually execute these ideas? Here we are at Jaipur to show you one such person who has successfully started a business from taking inspiration from our YouTube channel, Mr. Mahavir.

Mahavir belongs to a poor family and he has done a lot of labour work from one place to another. He dreamt of having a business of his own and put his brain to use. He gathered investment from his friends to jumpstart his cement brick making business. Cement bricks are much more profitable than red bricks because of the availability of the materials. Engineers also prefer cement bricks more, hence it has high demand. After seeing our video, he wanted to buy the machine. After putting in the money, he bought the machine and put three labourers to work. But, the production was low. So, he bought one more machine and put five labourers on the machine. Now, Mahavir has two machines and 10 labourers who are putting in the work to thrive the business alongside him.


The first machine is a Mixer machine. The input products are: 3 parts sand, 3 parts dust, 2 parts gravel, and 1 part cement. Water is added slowly. After putting all the raw material in the mixer machine, it takes 2 minutes to get the end result. Then the machine is rotated to dump the end result where a labourer puts it in the next machine.

The next machine we are going to use is the Manual Cement brick making machine. Raw material is inserted and the lever is pushed to form bricks. And a slab of bricks is formed.

Hydraulic machine is used to make cement blocks without a manual lever. Block dye, brick dye can be used. Same raw material is inserted in this machine, and in instants a fresh batch of cement blocks is formed.

Then all these wet bricks are kept in the sun to dry for two days with regular watering.

Mahavir has good relations with everyone in the village, so his marketing is mostly word of mouth. Mahavir believed that if you work hard, and do good work, everything is bound to fall in place.

1 brick’s cost price is 3 rs. And it is selling in the market for 5 rs.

Hence, profit of 2 rs is earned per brick.

1 block’s cost price is 5 rs which is selling in the market for 7 rs.

Hence, profit of 2 rs is earned per block.

Brick making machine costing is 60,000rs and the material cost is 40,000.

1 lakh rs is required to start this business.

Hydraulic cement block making machine costs 1,30,000.

To know more about this business and machines, please contact S. K industries Bhilwar, old Rico area Pur road Pansal choraha, Bhilwara, Rajasthan-311001.

Or call on 9024644192 , 7665294126.


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