Renting Farming Machinery Business Ideas

Renting Farming Machinery Business Ideas

This post is also available in: हिन्दी (Hindi)

Renting Farming Machinery Business Ideas

This post is also available in: हिन्दी (Hindi)

Over 70% of the Indian population gets its bread and butter from agriculture and farming. Raja Enterprises addresses just this demographic, by making tools for the agriculture industry, Raja started this company so that every person can start their own business and work well. The main reason behind starting this company is his will to grow in life and do good. He believes that every single person is connected to his roots and this belief drives him to make better and more effective machines for the hardworking farmers.

The Reaper Machine is very versatile. You can use it in small villages, even where no vehicle can go. One can either buy or rent this machine. If someone can’t afford this machine, they still can use it. This machine solves the problem of labour and conserves a lot of time spent. You can either use this machine sitting or walking. The machine has two forward gears, one for wet soil and one for dry soil and one reverse gear. Generally, this machine works on petrol. 1 hour of usage consumes 900ml of petrol. Petrol is preferred over diesel because it causes a lot of vibration. Petrol is also easier to use and no problem takes place while starting the machine. The wheels are specially designed to fit the topography of soil. The blades are sharp and will work efficiently for a  very long time.

In previous renditions of the machine, the farmer had to walk and harvest. But, after a lot of research, Raja has come up with the perfect solution and inculcated that into the machine to make it easier for the farmers. The machine cuts 1 to 1.5 inch close to the ground. The harvest gets thrown on the right side of the machine and arranges in a systematic line. The cuts are sharp and precise for the size. Even if the plant is not standing straight, the machine is equally effective.

The tilling machine comes in different attachments. It has a unique design specially designed by Raja. It works even without support from a person. You can choose between rubber or iron tires for the machine, depending on the condition of the soil. The attachments include claw, double claw, levelling and bed maker attachments. The motor is very powerful, hence it can work freely without any hesitation.

Reaper is priced at 1,28,000. After cutting subsidies, it is priced at, 1,08,000.
The attachment of seats is 15,000 in addition.
Weeder multipurpose machine is for 66,000 and after subsidy costs 46,000 rs. 208cc
2 rubber tires, 1 attachment free from the five attachments
2200 rs per attachment
Simple cultivator- 1800
Leveller- 1800
Side plow- 1600
Potato plowing- 1600
18-inch iron wheels- 4000
adjustable cultivator- 3500
Stone remover- 5000 set of 2
paddy wheel (used for pumpkins)- 3800
Bed maker -3600
Trolley with brakes – 35000

Transportation to the district is free. No delivery charges.

Contact At: –
Raja enterprises
Contact 9815940212


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