Fennel Seeds Bottle Packaging Business

Fennel Seeds Bottle Packaging Business

This post is also available in: हिन्दी (Hindi)

Fennel Seeds Bottle Packaging Business

This post is also available in: हिन्दी (Hindi)

Penguin Engineering has bene working on solving problems related to food hygiene in the last few years. This machine will thrive in the market right now due to the pandemic. One can start this business at low investment and compact space. One can make 10-12 different types of products from the same machine called Innovative packing machine.

The product is filled in the machine. The packaging bottle is connected to the nozzle and required gms to be filled is set through the controlling system. 10gm to 1000gm can be set on the machine. The nozzle is controlled by a pedal given under the machine.. After making packaging marketing friendly by adding stickers and caps, the product is ready to go into the market. Similarly, one can fill masala in packets of 100gm. It can be sealed and branded. If you want to fill mukhwas or masala, the company will provide a pdf version of recipes to sustain the company.

Other items to fill can be molecular items like sarso and rice or powder form like detergent, chai or masalas.

Example of fennel(sauf)
Market price of fennel is 160 rs/kg.
For 250 gm of fennel costs 40 rs.
Processing costs 5 rs
Packaging material costs 5 rs.

Hence, Cost price is 50 rs.
Market price of the same bottle of fennel is 80 rs.
Profit of 30 rs per bottle is made.
If you make 200 bottles a day, you can make profit of 6000 rs / day

Costing of the machine is 38,500.
For machine contact:-
Penguin Engineering
Address: – 16,17 Gopinath Industrial Hub, Opp Durganagar near vatva GIDC over Bridge, Ambica Tube mill Compound, Vatva, Ahmedabad.


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