Slipper making Raw Material Supplier

Slipper making Raw Material Supplier

This post is also available in: हिन्दी (Hindi)

Slipper making Raw Material Supplier

This post is also available in: हिन्दी (Hindi)

About the product:

On the Delhi visit, the Manufacturers Guide team went to Roshni Industries. The product they are providing is raw material for making slipper raw material. The spokesperson from Roshni industries explains why most people fail in slipper business, he says that many people fail because they do not get proper raw materials This is mainly because people resort to cheap sheets and/or they cannot contact the manufacturer directly.

Their company mainly produces three types of slipper sheets, namely; Eva, Aqua lite and Relaxo. All the sheets are highly durable and the company provides 6 months warranty on the sheets. The owner’s assistant gives a live demonstration of the sheets. He says around 10 colours are easily available under one type of sheet. On aqua lite plain sheets, one can print anything using printing board. The size of their sheets is 35 x 57.

They also provide straps for making slippers. They have many types of straps for both ladies and gents, double colored, aqua lite, Bahamas, 5-pin, 3-pin, etc.


The price of regular sheet is 550 rupees. One sheet can make 30 to 32 pairs of slippers. For children, up to 50 pairs can be made. If a sheet is used for all mix sizes like children, men and women, then 30 pairs can be made.

The price of aqua lite sheet is 570 rupees.

The price of aqua fresher health sheet is 600 rupees.

Slippers are used by almost everyone and hence, it has high demand all over India. You can sell it to wholesalers, shop keepers or even directly to customers.

Contact Details:
For more details contact: 8851767427, 8447263176, 8851767915, 9664391826.


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